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Hi ! I'm Vamsi Batchu

Design Team Leader ✺ leading the Platform Design Team at Rocket Companies

9+ years of experience in creating delightful & usable experiences with specialized focus in

Combine sections from Ollie's vast component library and create beautiful, detailed pages in no time flat.

Creative collaboration with cross functional teams
Turning complex, unexplored problem spaces into meaningful solutions
Systems thinking, scalable frameworks & connecting the dots
Empowering, coaching
individuals &

How I Craft Product Experiences

  • Making it Memorable for the End Users
  • Driving Personal and Business Growth
  • Establishing a Vision and Prioritizing Ruthlessly

Reach Out For Free UX Career Advice

I mentored designers all across the globe to help get their dream design jobs and successfully guided people who are switching careers & trying to break into the UX field
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I enjoy writing about design ideas, emerging trends, product strategy and design tool tutorials

Reach Out for Free UX Career Advice

I have mentored designers all across the globe to help get their dream design jobs and guided individuals who are trying to break into the UX field
  • Portfolio Reviews
  • Design Career Transition
  • Mock Interviews
  • Anything Design Related
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@Jou Chen
Vamsi was incredible to talk to - leaving me with plenty of actionable insight and building confidence in the direction that I am going. He gave me lots of pointers on my portfolio, big picture career/personal advice, and professional setting advice.
Vamsi is great! He gave me very insightful advice and contructional ways to make myself stand out in applicants. The information he offered to me really helps me with my job searching process.
Vamsi is a fantastic person to talk with. He is knowledgeable and open to any question. I feel so comfortable and confident after our conversation.
Vamsi has been the most approachable mentor I came across vis ADPList! He is so easy to talk to and his guidance was very detailed. Vamsi is encouraging, supportive and very passionate about the design field!

My Values

People Focused

Putting people at the center of the product or service, is the key component of my design process. I believe in talking to people through out the design process and not just at the end.

Business Aware

I am a strategic partner who is always looking at the current market situation, exploring ways to create new value for users and thinking about potential working business models for the product.


When people use products they have goals in mind, not tasks. I always start designing a product with users goals in mind which ultimately makes companies succeed.

𐩘 Want to work with me ?

  • End-to-End Design Strategy and Execution
  • Design Advice for New Businesses and Startups
  • Design Thinking Workshop Facilitation
  • UX Diagnostics of your website or app
  • or just say hello :)

Want to Work With Me ? 𐩘

Reach out to me for any type of design service
  • Design Thinking Workshops
  • Comprehensive UX Audits
  • End-to-End Design Strategy
  • Digital Product Strategy

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