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Hi ! I'm Vamsi Batchu

Hi ! I'm Vamsi Batchu

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Product Design Manager based out of Atlanta ✺ I currently lead a team of designers at Rocket Companies focused on
Home Buying Plan - a first time home buyer goals experience

Combine sections from Ollie's vast component library and create beautiful, detailed pages in no time flat.

10+ years of experience in crafting design strategy, creating delightful & usable digital experiences with specialized focus in

Setting, articulating & executing a high quality vision
Turning ambiguous problem spaces into meaningful products
Promoting & facilitating the adoption of end-to-end design thinking
Empowering, coaching designers & product teams

How I Craft Product Experiences

  • In my approach to design, I prioritize user-centric principles, narrative storytelling, and collaborative innovation, all underpinned by strategic, data-driven decision-making. I champion comprehensive user research and iterative design methodologies to create intuitive & impactful user experiences.

    Fostering an inclusive team culture & leveraging diverse perspectives to tackle complex challenges and drive business outcomes is core to my design philosophy.

    Read More About Me >

A photo of Vamsi Batchu explaining the design vision infront of the company in a panel discussion on stage
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Reach out for Free Product Design Mentorship

I mentored designers all across the globe to help get their dream design jobs and successfully guided people who are switching careers & trying to break into the UX field. Let's Chat ♡
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A Duck Avatar
Kriti Bajaj
Vamsi has been the most approachable mentor I came across vis ADPList! He is so easy to talk to and his guidance was very detailed. Vamsi is encouraging, supportive and very passionate about the design field!
Whale Avatar
Hannah Jiao
Vamsi is a fantastic person to talk with. He is knowledgeable and open to any question. I feel so comfortable and confident after our conversation.
Turtle Avatar
Jou Chen
Vamsi was incredible to talk to - leaving me with plenty of actionable insight and building confidence in the direction that I am going. He gave me lots of pointers on my portfolio, big picture career/personal advice, and professional setting advice.
Crocodile Avatar
Rishma Mandhekar
I had a very insightful conversation with Vamsi - we spoke about design career paths and how to excel as a designer. He also had some helpful advice about changing team culture from a leadership perspective.

Stuck on a design problem? Let's Work Together

Services include: Design thinking workshops, Comprehensive UX design audits, End to End design strategy, Digital product design vision, UX Training.

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